Friends of the Zoo - About us

The Basel Zoo Association of Friends was founded in 1919. It now numbers around 2300 members, who call themselves ‘Friends of Basel Zoo’.

The association aims to promote public and official interest in Basel Zoo and thus to embed the concept of worldwide nature conservation in the minds of as wide an audience as possible.

The association of friends supports Basel Zoo with annual donations and contributions, as well as through publicity and voluntary work.  

The association works in close collaboration with the Basel Zoo management and governing body to ensure that resources are being expended in the right place.

Since the 2018 general meeting, the executive committee of the association has consisted of the following twelve members:

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Since it was founded in 1919, eight presidents have presided over the Basel Zoo association of friends:

1919-1921 Samuel Plüss, Basel Zoo shareholder
1921-1925 August Eisinger, Basel Zoo shareholder
1925-1941 Georges Fürstenberger, member of the Basel Zoo governing body
1941-1942 Prof. Dr. Rudolf Geigy, zoologist and founder of the Swiss Tropical Institute
1942-1973 Prof. Dr. Adolf Portmann, zoologist and philosopher
1975-1992 Dr. iur. Hans Peter Tschudi, former Swiss federal councillor
1992-2004 Prof. Dr. Thierry A. Freyvogel, former director of the Swiss Tropical Institute
from 2004 Dr. theol. hc. Peter Schmid, former member of Basel-County cantonal government
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